Encontro Com Deus is a charitable social project based in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. We aim to promote and strengthen the family as the basis of society, as well as prevent the rupture of their ties, ensure Fundamental Rights and contribute to the emancipation of women with their children through preventive and protective actions.

Through two homes in Curitiba, ECD work alongside and within the local community to protect women in dangerous situations such as situations of domestic violence, and maintain family ties by keeping mothers and babies together in a safe space, where they might otherwise be separated by the authorities.

ECD also acts to prevent a new generation of street children in Brazil through a community centre where children can go when they aren’t in school and access a wide range of opportunities ranging from learning to sport, art, excursions and other activities.

Encontro Com Deus UK provides vital funding to enable maintenance of the amazing work being done every day by Encontro Com Deus in Curitiba. Every donation makes a huge difference.