The Coronavirus crisis has been extremely challenging across the world, especially for vulnerable developing countries.

ECD face the challenge of managing the COVID-19 pandemic whilst also tackling the domestic violence epidemic. Whilst the Community Centre is ‘closed’, ECD have been asked to use this space to look after an average of 5 families in addition to the 13-14 that they normally care for, in order to protect them from violent situations. They have also been taking food parcels to vulnerable families in their local community, including refugees.

They will receive some additional government funding but it will not cover all of the costs. With the team already under a lot of pressure, we really need your help.

Could you donate £600 to fund protective care for one at-risk family for a month? Or help a care worker feel valued for all the extra hours and work that they are doing with a £50 bonus? Or provide a food parcel to a vulnerable family in the community for £20? Even if you can’t give as much as £20, any donation would be greatly appreciated at this difficult time.
Please click the button below to make a donation: